Friday, 17 May 2013

When Does Your Torsion Spring Needs Your Care

Living in your cozy home of thousand oaks you might have been using the garage facility for a long time, but did you ever think about the condition of your garage door? You might have faced a few problems with it once in a while when you had to call for a professional help with garage door repair in thousand oaks, but what did you learn from it? If still you are not paying attention to the condition of your doors then probably you are going to face a situation again where you would be spending on its repair or replacement.

In our busy lives we often forget to pay attention to little things. Although the garage is not so little or small as the statement suggest but yes, it stays silent and does not complain about your negligence. But, when the water runs over the head something happens with your garage door that makes you realize the need of regular maintenance. The most important part of your garage is probably the torsion springs which shoulder responsibility or its functioning up to ninety percent. These springs are probably the strongest part of your door and are made robust to survive all the odds till they literally succumb to them. This takes so much of time that sometimes we think that it is never going to happen. This is where we are wrong. These springs are just like us and they react to adverse conditions like weather etc. in a similar fashion to human beings.

Let's take a look at the reasons for torsion spring malfunctioning


Well, age is the factor because of which the efficiency of human body decreases and same is the reason for springs of your garage gate. Although this part of your garage is made to withstand the rough procedure it has to go through but with certain limitations. The life of a torsion spring can be accounted for about 6-10 years more or less. This consists of approximately 10,000 cycles and after that you have to replace your springs.


Well these springs are made up of metal and it is prone to rust. Rust can decrease its life dramatically, especially in the humid regions. Spray light silicon spray on your springs every three months to prevent it from rusting and the corrosive effects of this natural process.

Cold & hot weather

Well, the extremes of anything is not good for your springs. Staying out there in cold nights and hot days will affect it badly in the long run. And you have to consider this when you think about maintaining your garage door.

What to do to protect your torsion springs from these factors causing malfunctioning

•    Powder coated springs – Just pay a little more and get powder coated springs installed by a reputed garage door repair company in thousand oaks to have a long life of torsion springs. These springs are more efficient and lives longer than average springs.

So, now is the time to check the condition of your garage door and its parts to see if they need a little care from you immediately or not.