Friday, 14 June 2013

Five Must-Know Things about Garage Door Repair

Garage door springs play a vital role in the proper functioning of the doors. At the same time these are listed among those garage door parts that require excessive garage door repair services. These are mainly designed and structured to virtually undertake the necessary task of lifting the garage door. Brackets, cables and other hardware of the garage door are generally attached to its springs. As a result, there is a lot of pressure on the springs of the garage door and a slightest negligence to it can cause a serious injury or even death.

 Hence, it’s recommended not to try repairing or installation of the springs on your own. In the neighborhood of Pasadena, there are many garage door repair service providers, who you can trust with for the spring replacement of your garage doors. You must go for a professional garage door repair company in Pasadena, because spring repair requires to be done with high attentiveness and proper equipment are required, which only professional carries. Listed below are some of the technicalities involved with garage door spring repair which makes it necessary to call for a professional Garage DoorRepair company in Pasadena

1. Heavy pressure of garage spring can lead to sudden falling off the springs that can cause head injury. So, it is important to have people with proper physical power for removing or installing the springs.

2. Garage door springs are available in different sizes and lengths depending on the standard size of the door. Right from single to double garage doors, each one has garage door springs of different lengths attached to the door. The springs of the garage door are adjusted or sized during the primary installation in order to balance the load and heaviness of the door. So, it is important to prevent any kind of scrapes or cuts to the wire when dealing with springs.
   3. The pair of the spring must be replaced together as there is no point of making extra efforts to repeat the same work again later on. Make sure to completely focus on the springs before trying to replace or adjust those.

4. In case of replacement of the garage door springs, having the right size springs depending on the height and weight of the door is important. These are designed to balance the complete weight of the door. So, if extra weight gets added to different sections of the door after its initial installation, it can result in broken or damaged springs.

5. in addition to above, the operation of any garage door opener could be badly affected to such an extent that a motor can stop working or become overworked. So, keep a close eye on the opener of your garage door.

The safety and security of any garage door is directly associated with the design and working of its major components like garage door springs, openers, etc. without any additional material.  Hence, educate your family of garage door safety, take professional help for repair and stay safe.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Selecting the Best Garage Door Opener for your Garage Doors

Opener to a garage door is like engine to a car. The whole system runs on it. You need to buy this essential part of your doors very carefully. Let’s see what makes these openers a perfect choice.

·         Power
While selecting an opener, the most important factor to be kept in the mind is the power requirement. It depends entirely on the weight and height of your doors. If all the other things are perfect and only the power factor is not appropriate, you may have to look for yet another opener soon.

·         Quite Functioning
If you don’t want to disturb your family while sleeping, studying or watching television; you must ensure that the opener doesn’t make much sound while operating. This is to be noticed even more cautiously if your garage is adjacent to bedroom, study room or any other living area of the home. Basically the noise level depends on the kind of drive used in it. Let’s discuss all those kinds one by one.

Belt Drives- It’s the most commonly found drive. Openers with belt drives operate very quietly. These drives are suitable for almost all types of doors and the best feature is that these start off very slowly with lets the door run for long years. Moreover, these are equipped with a hi-tech monitoring system which takes safety offered by the doors to the next level.

Screw Drives- Screw drives are a bit noisier than the belt ones as they feature a metal rod. This rod is having a few moving parts which require periodic maintenance. The power offered by the openers with these drives vary from model to model.

Chain Drives- These drives use a metal chain, almost like the chains fitted in bicycles, which makes them quite noisy. But these are still very popular as these are way cheaper than belt and screw drives. It depends on you that whether you can bear a little noise to save money or not.

·         Safety and security
Accidents caused by garage doors can cause big harms to people and property. So it’s better to buy openers which offer good safety features. Moreover, select an opener with rolling access code security so that nobody knows the code except you.

However, whichever opener you buy, you must get it serviced regularly so that you don’t have to pay for garage door repairs every now and then.